Boardmasters: Torquay braced for Covid surge amid wave of positive evidence after Cornwall festival

Boardmasters: Torquay braced for Covid surge amid wave of positive evidence after Cornwall festival

There is fear of a large spike in Covid in Torquay, as teens returning home from Newquay’s Boardmasters festival on the weekend report that “everyone is testing positive.”

The 16- and 17-year-olds also reported that people who suspected they had Covid while at the festival skipped tests on Friday organized to detect people carrying the virus among the 50,000 crowds.

Health officials say data from the Festival that ended last Sunday is being monitored and the results should be available later this week.

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A Torquay grandmother said: “I want to warn everyone to be careful in Torbay because we are about to have a huge Covid spike.

“All the youngsters come back from the Boardmasters festival and test positive for Covid. My granddaughter is at Torquay Girls Grammar School and many, many of her friends test positive.”

A 17-year-old student from Newton Abbot’s Torquay Boys’ Grammar School said everyone in his group of 10 who hadn’t been vaccinated came back with Covid, plus one person who had been vaccinated. He said that of the 30 who attended, at least 15 to 20 have tested positive since then.

The grandmother, who did not want to be named, said: “Everyone has been to Boardmasters and on Tuesday everyone who was tested positive. I was horrified when my granddaughter told me.

“It’s mostly 16-17 year olds and they were all celebrating after getting their GCSE results.

“What I want to warn people is that the numbers in Torbay are going to be very high and I want everyone to be aware of it.”

A 17-year-old from Newton Abbot who attends Torquay Boys’ Grammar School said: “All the people in my group who had not been vaccinated came back with him.

“Even one who had been vaccinated had a positive PCR, it spread to almost everyone.

“There were 10 of us in my group and I know about 30 who attended and I would say that at least 15-20 have tested positive since then.

“I started to get a sore throat before I left, obviously it was difficult to know at the time if you had caught Covid or not, but on Monday I felt 100% bad.

“Everyone realized they had it after they came back. They had something on Friday (the third day) when everyone was tested again and I heard it showed that about 1,000 tested positive.

“But there were many who had it but did not make themselves known because they wanted to stay until the end of the festival. Everyone was very aware of it and that the tests came out positive.”

Andrew Topham, CEO of Vision Nine, the company behind Boardmasters, said earlier that event organizers had put everything in place to minimize risk.

Topham said the organizers went “beyond what we were asked to do” in implementing their own Covid-19 policy.

Holidays at home are believed to be a key reason for the overall increase as Brits head to UK beaches rather than deal with the hassle of traveling abroad.

Newquay, where the festival took place, had 182 new positive tests between August 5 and 11.

In the seven days to August 13, Newquay East’s infection rate rose to 1,123.8 per 100,000, which is higher than in cities like London and Manchester.

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