New i-Ready® Updates Help Teachers Help All Students Achieve Ambitious Goals

New i-Ready® Updates Help Teachers Help All Students Achieve Ambitious Goals

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., August 17, 2021—Curriculum Associates has updated its award-winning I’m ready program to help educators address unfinished learning and continue to provide engaging instruction as students work toward ambitious goals this upcoming school year. Updates are designed to give educators a deeper insight into student learning, engage students in grade level work, motivate students with new instruction, ensure students are on the right path to success. reading success, supporting Spanish-speaking students, and more.

“For the past 10 years, I’m ready it has supported the teaching and learning process in schools across the country, ”said Rob Waldron, executive director of Curriculum Associates. “Throughout this time, we have continually worked to improve the program to meet the needs of both teachers and students. Now, at this critical time when teachers are tasked with addressing the unfinished learning caused by the pandemic, these latest updates will go a long way toward helping students meet grade level expectations and make real progress. “

Some of the new I’m ready The tools were designed to provide teachers with a more accurate understanding of students’ instructional needs. These include Teacher Assigned Mastery of Standards, which allows teachers to measure students’ understanding of grade level standards and gain educational supports to address next steps. The addition of 5-level placements per domain allows educators to better understand the level of support students need in a specific domain and more easily see progress throughout the year. Enhanced demographic data filters help administrators better understand the impact of unfinished learning on different groups of students.

Teachers will have resources to prepare students for grade level work in reading and math with enhancements to Tools for Scaffolding and the prerequisite report. Adaptive phonics lessons for grades K-2 and new reading comprehension lessons for grades 3-8 were also added to help students develop their skills and engage in productive struggle. All of these materials are built with equity in mind and feature expanded representation so that students are reflected in what they are learning. Further, I’m ready offers a new way for students to engage in fraction learning with the ability for teachers and students to create their own puzzles in the popular cloud machine learning game.

Over 200 new literacy assignments will help teachers measure student progress toward meeting grade level expectations and meeting state assessment requirements. This includes expanded benchmarks and new oral reading fluency progress monitoring for grades 1 through 6, as well as new early reading tasks to assess phonological awareness, phonics, and other concepts to support instruction and assist in address state screening requirements.

To support Spanish-speaking students in bilingual or transitional-bilingual programs, I’m ready will feature a new Spanish reading assessment for grades K-6 that connects to high-quality instructional resources. Authentic Spanish reading lessons for grades K-2, covering phonics, phonological awareness, and reading comprehension, will help students develop literacy in Spanish. New Spanish versions of many personalized K-6 math lessons will offer equitable learning experiences.

Several new features, including the ability to assign Teacher Toolbox resources to Google Classroom in fewer steps, the ability for teachers to batch print reports for all students, and more, will save teachers time. Specific professional development options and updates to the online educator learning platform will also help teachers address unfinished learning and get the most out of it. I’m ready.

More about I’m ready

I’m ready, which was recently named a finalist for the SIIA CODiE 2021 Awards in the Best Formative Assessment Solution category, makes the promise of differentiated instruction a practical reality for teachers and students. It combines powerful assessments and valuable knowledge with effective and engaging instruction in reading and math to address individual student needs.

The diagnostic provides educators with normative and actionable criteria-referenced data to deliver impactful and equitable learning experiences. Teachers administer diagnostics at the beginning of the school year to chart a course for their instruction and personalize I’m ready paths of instruction. A mid-year and end-of-year diagnostic helps students and teachers measure growth and engage students in data talks. Teacher-led, personalized instruction continues throughout the year to help students grow and access their grade-level learning.

Today, I’m ready it serves more than 9.5 million students nationwide and is currently being used by 25 percent of all K-8 students in all 50 states.

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