Study BBs Tourism with Event Management at Sligo Institute of Technology | Study in Ireland

Study BBs Tourism with Event Management at Sligo Institute of Technology |  Study in Ireland

International student from Malaysia, Zi Yi Ho, talks about her experience studying tourism with event management at the Sligo Institute of Technology.

I am an international tourism student with event management at the Sligo Institute of Technology, always excited to explore new skills and knowledge. Below are the top four reasons why studying BBs Tourism with Event Management in IT Sligo is extremely beneficial for me:

I chose this course because I love to travel and work with people. This course includes a six month internship in Ireland or abroad in tourism or event related environments. The course includes site visits to tourist businesses in the area which provide an important aspect to the course. Students can, if they wish, choose to study a foreign language such as Spanish, French, German or Italian.

There are a lot of interesting elective subjects to choose from, one of the interesting elective courses I got involved in is “Introduction to Archeology”. Students can participate in the practical work by exploring different objects that people have created, modified or used. Therefore, I can better understand the lessons.

Artefacts from the subject of archeology (photo: Zi Yi Ho)

  • Explore and gain knowledge in the great outdoors

Lecturers take students on tours of tourist sites or chat with owners or managers of tourism businesses. For example, on the topic “Sightseeing tours and seminars”, we are required to detail the background and financing of business creation, day-to-day operations, business marketing, relevant legislation, future development of trends business and industry after visiting the place. I don’t just go out for fun, but learn a different perspective on the tourism industry. The photo below is one of the outdoor activities I participated in, full of adventure and fun! – Team Building Games.

Screenshot 2021 08 18 132016

Team building activities (photo: Zi Yi Ho)

In addition to all the outdoor and fun activities, the course gives me fundamental knowledge and skills. During the learning time, I can conduct independent research and literature review in an area of ‚Äč‚Äčacademic interest relevant to the tourism and events industry. My lecturers, who care and support international students, have helped me understand what we do and why. They support and give advice with all the creativity of the students, as creative as possible.

I enjoy this course because of all the activities and new things I am learning. The vast business knowledge and skills gained from taking this course will be rewarding in careers in a wide variety of fields such as marketing, management, education and more.

Zi Yi Ho studies tourism with event management at Sligo Institute of Technology.


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