Covid news live: latest updates as New Zealand enters a new lockdown

Covid news live: latest updates as New Zealand enters a new lockdown

Covid-19 vaccines in the UK: latest figures

New Zealand has woken up to its first coronavirus lockdown in six months, with an initially lonely Delta variant case now rising to 10 known infections and Jacinda Ardern’s government “absolutely anticipates more.”

It came as the October Japanese Grand Prix was shelved for the second year in a row due to “current complexities” as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, following talks between F1 and Tokyo.

And as infections continue to rise in Southeast Asia, the Red Cross warned that the region needs more help to secure vaccines, while the World Health Organization raised the alarm over the supply of fake vaccines from AstraZeneca in India.

In the UK, the government recorded its highest daily number of coronavirus deaths since March 12, with 170 new deaths, while new data from the Office for National Statistics suggested that, in the week to August 6, coronavirus was linked to more than 1 in 20 deaths in the UK, also the highest proportion in four months.

Meanwhile, the Scottish government is considering making its emergency Covid powers permanent, which would allow it to impose closures, close schools and release prisoners ahead of time. A query published by the government suggested that a change in the law would allow the government to respond to any future threats to public health more “effectively and quickly.”

Elsewhere, scientists unveiled a “roadmap” for future research in the “uncharted territory” of the long Covid, and global governments and bodies are urged to focus on 20 key themes in new studies, compiled into a new article published in Lancet respiratory medicine.


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Andy GregoryAugust 18, 2021 1:22 PM


Good morning and welcome to The independent Live blog about the coronavirus pandemic for Wednesday, August 18, 2021.

Maroosha muzaffarAugust 18, 2021 05:14


Southeast Asia Needs Access to Covid-19 Vaccine to Curb Record Deaths, Red Cross Says

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies warned that Southeast Asian countries need more help to secure Covid-19 vaccines, as the region continues to experience an increase in infections.

In recent weeks, the region has recorded the highest number of deaths globally.

Alexander Matheou, Asia Pacific Director, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, said: “This surge in Covid-19 driven by the Delta variant is taking a tragic toll on families across Southeast Asia. and it is far from over. “

He added: “In the short term, we need much greater efforts by wealthier countries to urgently share their millions of excess vaccine doses with Southeast Asian countries.”

Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia have all had record records of Covid-19 infections or deaths. On Wednesday, Thailand reported 312 deaths from coronavirus, a record increase for the second day in a row, the Times of the Strait reported.

The most populous nations in Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines, have fully vaccinated about 10 to 11 percent of their population. Vietnam has fully inoculated less than 2 percent of its eligible population.

Maroosha muzaffarAugust 18, 2021 5:39 am


WHO issues medical alert for fake AstraZeneca vaccine

The World Health Organization has warned about the supply of fake vaccines against AstraZeneca, known as Covishield, in India.

The WHO global surveillance and monitoring system for substandard and counterfeit medical products also identified counterfeit vaccines in Uganda.

The health agency has now called on India to increase surveillance of hospitals, clinics, health centers, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies and other providers of medical products.

The WHO said that fake Covid-19 vaccines “pose a serious risk to global public health and place an additional burden on vulnerable populations and health systems. It is important to detect and eliminate these counterfeit products from circulation to avoid harm to patients ”.

Maroosha muzaffarAugust 18, 2021 6:26 AM


India hits new peak of 8.8 million vaccines in one day

Data from the Indian Union Ministry of Health said Tuesday that the country hit a new peak of 8.8 million vaccines in one day on Tuesday.

A total of around 560 million doses were administered as of 9 p.m. IST on Tuesday across the country, according to data from the Health Ministry.

So far, in India, 13 percent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated. And 47 percent of the adult population has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Indian government has said it plans to fully inoculate the entire adult population before the end of the year.

Maroosha muzaffarAugust 18, 2021 6:35 am


US Extends Travel Masks Mandate Until January

The United States has extended its mask mandate for all visitors to the country until January 18, 2022, according to a statement from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on Tuesday.

TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz told the media that the mandate “covers airports, as well as airplanes, buses, trains and shuttle buses connected to airports, and all public buses, trains, subways and ferries. “.

The TSA had initially established a mask mandate in early February this year. It was supposed to end on May 11. However, in April, they extended the mandate until September 13.

Now, the mandate of the mask is in effect for all travelers until January 18 of next year.

Ms. Koshetz said that children under the age of two are exempt from the mask requirement, as are people with certain disabilities.

Maroosha muzaffarAugust 18, 2021 6:41 am


Pope Francis encourages people to get vaccinated against Covid-19

Pope Francis, in a public service announcement that will begin circulating online and on television starting Wednesday, has said that getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is “an act of love.”

The head of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics joined an Ad Council media campaign to boost confidence in the Covid-19 hits.

Pope Francis said: “Thanks to God and the work of many, we now have vaccines to protect ourselves from Covid-19.”

The ad is in Spanish with English subtitles. It shows church officials in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and other countries describing vaccination as a “moral responsibility.”

He also says that vaccines “give us hope to end the pandemic, but only if they are available to everyone and if we work together.”

Maroosha muzaffarAugust 18, 2021 6:50 am


UK reports highest daily death toll since March

Hello this is Andy Gregory taking the reins of the live blog in the UK, where the government has reported the highest daily death toll since March 12.

There were 170 more deaths and more than 26,000 new cases Tuesday, compared with 146 deaths and about 23,000 infections on the same day last week.

The latest figures came as new data from the Office for National Statistics found that, in the week to August 6, more than 1 in 20 death certificates in the UK mentioned Covid-19.

This is also the highest ratio since March.

Andy GregoryAugust 18, 2021 7:33 AM


Scottish government considers making emergency Covid powers permanent

Here’s more on the news that the Scottish government is considering making some of its coronavirus emergency powers permanent.

Currently, the additional powers are scheduled to end in March 2022, but can be extended for six months with the backing of Holyrood.

My colleague Joanna taylor reports that Nicola Sturgeon’s government is seeking public views on the possible permanent expansion, which they say could help “protect the people of Scotland” from “any incidence or spread of infection” that could harm them even beyond Covid -19.

The powers, which also include the ability to move court sessions online and allow a broader range of health workers to administer vaccines, would be deployed when “necessary and proportionate,” ministers say, but conservatives say them. they have accused of “not being willing to give increase their control over people’s lives.”

Andy GregoryAugust 18, 2021 08:01


G7 nations will have stockpiled 1 billion doses of replacement Covid vaccines by the end of 2021, analysis shows

The analysis suggests that the G7 nations will have accumulated close to a billion doses of replacement vaccines by the end of 2021, our science correspondent. Samuel Lovett reports.

UK government scientific advisers have urged ministers to take further action to support vaccination efforts abroad to combat the rise in global infections and prevent the emergence of new variants, while the WHO has condemned the international leaders for storing doses and making them unavailable to the rest of the world. .

One billion vaccines would be enough to fully immunize the 30 least vaccinated countries, most of which are in Africa.

Andy GregoryAugust 18, 2021 8:23 AM

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