Israel Now Requires All People Over THREE Years Old To Show Proof Of Covid Vaccination Or A Negative Test

Israel has begun testing all groups of three in an attempt to control the spread of the virus.  In the picture: an Israeli nurse tested a child yesterday at the entrance to Jerusalem.
Israel Now Requires All People Over THREE Years Old To Show Proof Of Covid Vaccination Or A Negative Test

Covid’s restrictions have been extended to three-year-olds in Israel, with the country now ‘at war’ with the Delta variant.

Starting today, all people over the age of three in the country must show evidence of being vaccinated or a negative test before entering restaurants, cafes, gyms and other indoor spaces.

The country, praised for its world-leading vaccination campaign, which has seen two-thirds of adults receive double injections, is in the midst of a third wave that shows no signs of slowing down.

Health chiefs have warned that the nation faces another draconian lockdown unless the situation improves.

The situation will leave Britain, the United States and other countries nervous depending on vaccines to counter the virus.

Daily coronavirus infections reached a six-month high of 8,752 on Monday, before falling slightly on Tuesday. Deaths are also on the rise, with 120 people dying in the last week, similar levels to those seen in September, when Israel was locked up.

The cases began to rise in late July, when health chiefs announced that everyone over 60 would be offered a booster dose five months after receiving the second.

Israel only uses the Pfizer jab and insists that immunity has already begun to fade, echoing concerns raised by the pharmaceutical company itself.

Distribute hits three weeks apart, just like the US, which will offer refills to all adults. Britain separates the dose by around eight weeks, but has yet to confirm that booster injections will be needed.

Israel has begun testing all groups of three in an attempt to control the spread of the virus. In the picture: an Israeli nurse tested a child yesterday at the entrance to Jerusalem.

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Now the country has introduced strict restrictions on young people in an attempt to control the third wave.

Until today, those over the age of 12 were only required to show proof that they had received a double puncture two weeks earlier, or a negative Covid test from the last 24 hours before entering indoor public spaces.

The government is paying for tests for children ages 3 to 11 who are ineligible for the vaccine.

But the 1 million people in the country who haven’t been jabbed and are eligible have to buy their own.

About 62.8 percent of people in the country are fully vaccinated, official statistics show.

But Israel’s vaccination campaign was much faster, with the nation hitting the 50 percent threshold in mid-March.

Britain and the United States did not follow suit until July.

Meanwhile, daily cases in Israel are now close to the levels seen during the darkest period of the country’s second wave in January.

Vaccines have mitigated the virus, with deaths only a fraction of what they were in previous outbreaks.

But no jab is perfect and deaths continue to rise, in line with cases.

Experts have pointed to the worrying trend in the three-week gap between Pfizer hits spread across Israel.

In the UK, people are invited to book a second vaccination appointment eight weeks after the first dose, which studies have found is the “sweet spot” that provides the most protection.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Professor Salman Zarka, Israel’s coronavirus commissioner, told a parliamentary committee: ‘Our morbidity is increasing by the day.

‘Looking at the data for this morning, we can’t just say’ maybe ‘. This “maybe” is worth the lives of the citizens of Israel. ‘

But he said no one in critical condition has received a third Covid booster vaccine, he said.

Professor Zarka said that the run-up to the Jewish New Year festival Rosh Hashanah is the “critical moment.”

And if contagion and death rates do not begin to drop, “we will reach a confinement like the first and the second, where we do not move more than 100 meters from our homes,” he said.

Dr Raghib Ali, Senior Clinical Research Associate in Epidemiology at the University of Cambridge, tweeted that although Israel’s vaccination levels are similar to those in the UK, they used a three to four week interval between doses. .

He said that real-world data has suggested that this gap is “less effective” against the Delta variant.

The Covid outbreak in New Zealand came from an Australian visitor who HAD been quarantined as cases doubled AGAIN to 21

The growing Covid outbreak in New Zealand, which has caused a nationwide lockdown, was caused by an Australian visitor who had been in quarantine.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the breakthrough should help “eradicate” the virus by tracing its spread to the source.

She revealed that investigations limited the origin to one person who arrived from Sydney on August 7. The patient tested positive for the Delta strain on Tuesday.

The ultra-infectious variant is already wreaking havoc in neighboring Australia, which like New Zealand is desperately clinging to a “Covid zero” strategy.

The state of New South Wales has struggled to contain its crisis and is recording a record 600 new infections per day, fueled by the outbreak in Sydney. More than 25 million Australians now live under draconian lockdown rules.

Ardern said the traveler had been in quarantine and in hospital since landing, indicating that the virus had not been in the community as long as initially feared.

It comes as the number of Delta cases in New Zealand nearly doubled overnight to a total of 21, a worrying sign that the strain is spreading exponentially.



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