Outraged locals complain 24/7, the Maccas will bring ‘smell’, ‘undesirables’

Outraged locals complain 24/7, the Maccas will bring ‘smell’, ‘undesirables’

Resident Rachel Thornton filed a petition with more than 1,000 signatures that she said were collected in 12 days. In her own submission, Ms. Thornton gave nine reasons for opposing the proposal, including the lack of an “odor report” in the development request.

“Anyone hundreds of feet from a McDonald’s can smell it and identify it as a ‘McDonald’s smell,'” he wrote. “The constant smell of a McDonald’s would negatively affect local amenities and will certainly spread to Sir Joseph Banks Park. I would go straight to the house from the houses across the street, which would no longer be able to enjoy a quiet night breeze due to the constant noise and smell. “

Ms. Thorton appeared in a video with Federal Labor Rep. Matt Thistlethwaite, who also wrote to the Bayside Council opposing McDonald’s. He said there was already a “huge car problem in the Botany Bay area” and a significant risk that the restaurant would create a “honey pot for antisocial behavior.”

State Labor MP and former opposition leader Michael Daley noted that there were already four McDonald’s restaurants nearby on General Holmes Drive, Westfield Eastgardens, Maroubra and at the airport. Independent cafe and restaurant owners “may lose everything if this development is approved,” he wrote.

After setting an initial March 17 deadline to evaluate the proposal, the Bayside City Council has asked McDonald’s for more information on its plans. The company has not yet given its answer.


A McDonald’s Australia spokesperson said the restaurant would inject $ 5 million into the local economy and create 100 jobs during construction and 120 more once operational.

“McDonald’s takes its responsibility to engage with the community seriously and will consider all feedback as part of the development request process,” they said.

Bayside Mayor Joe Awada said that while the decision was not his, it is in the hands of an independent local planning panel, he was opposed to McDonald’s operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “He’s a bit rich,” he said, but felt that a reduced trading hours would be fine.


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