Support for women and children in Afghanistan

Support for women and children in Afghanistan

The Brunswick Street Institution’s Afghan Gallery is organizing the event online in collaboration with Collingwood CWA. The funds will directly help women and children at the center of Afghanistan’s devastating humanitarian crisis.

In response to Afghanistan’s devastating humanitarian crisis, an online fundraiser this Sunday offers a way for Melbourne residents to help directly affected women and children.

Behind it is the Collingwood branch of the Victorian Countryside Women’s Association, which is working in conjunction with the institution of Brunswick Street Afghan Gallery, one of Australia’s first Afghan restaurants.

All money raised, excluding a minimum amount for production, will go to the Australian and Afghanistan Development Organization (AADO), which is dedicated to providing education and training opportunities in Afghanistan. Since taking over from the Taliban, the AADO has provided urgent basic aid, including water, food, powdered milk and hygiene products, to displaced children in the camps.

This event, which will take place at Zoom, will focus on cooking, conversation and community. There will be a demonstration of how to make a traditional Afghan dish and a discussion between Dr. Nouria Salehi AM, founder of Afghan Gallery and the AADO; Peace Ambassador Homaira Mershedi; and the political designer and social scientist Dr. Paula Hanasz, who will host the event.

You can pay whatever you want for a ticket, starting at $ 15; are available online. Or you can simply make a donation.

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