Head to your local Walmart and buy a Lenovo Smart Clock Essential bundle for just $ 17 right now

Seriously do it, why aren’t you in your car yet?

Most of us probably use our phones for alarms every morning, no matter how many times they inevitably screw us up. However, you don’t have to give up the frills of a web-connected watch to switch to a dedicated device. Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential is a great alternative to those bulky old radios of yesteryear, and you can buy one, with a smart bulb included, for just $ 17 at your local Walmart.

To be clear, this device is not the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 that AP’s Ryne Hager has been obsessing over recently. Instead, it’s a more basic device, hence the “Essential” in the title, which really focuses on the basics: audio, Assistant, and telling time. When we reviewed it last year, it got a strong recommendation, and as the owner of one, I can personally attest to that. While the price seemed a bit high at launch, it has gone on sale many times in recent months, falling into impulse buying territory.

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We have certainly never seen it so cheap, of course. For $ 17, you can buy Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential with an RGB-compatible bulb, though you’ll have to head to your local Walmart to take advantage of this deal. Fortunately, unlike some store exclusives, there seems to be a lot of stock for these. Most of the stores near me have at least six packages ready to go, and AP’s Taylor Kerns spotted similar availability in her area.

Obviously, your mileage can vary, so be sure to verify your zip code using Brickseek to locate a store near you. This sale is a total steal, one absolutely worth getting if you are in your area.

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