Live COVID Updates: End of Home Stay Restrictions in Sight as NSW Prepares to Open

Letters on the COVID vaccine are addressed to GPs and pharmacists demanding that they ‘cease and desist’ or face ‘punishment’

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GPs and pharmacists say they face increased harassment from anti-vaccines, including bogus legal letters threatening to strip them of their compensation unless they stop giving COVID vaccines to the public.

Alvin Wee runs a weekend vaccination clinic at his practice in Rockingham, south of Perth.

Recently, he drove through the clinic in an off-road vehicle, which is held outdoors so that people can socially distance themselves, loudly voicing anti-vaccination feelings over a loudspeaker to their patients.

“They didn’t physically detain us, they didn’t actually harass us that way, but somehow it was [harassment] because it was a scream from a vehicle … an announcement from a vehicle on a loudspeaker … ‘read the fine print, are you sure you want this?’ and things like that, “Dr. Wee said.

“Was it intimidating? A little bit because we weren’t expecting that to happen.

“For the patients, moms and dads with teenagers, who have brought their children… they shouldn’t have been subjected to something like that.”

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