Tesla helps catapult electric vehicle sales beyond diesel in Europe for the first time

For the first time in the history of the European automotive market, electric vehicles outsold conventional diesel-powered vehicles, according to new data from the European Electric Car Report. The milestone would not have been possible without the efforts of many automakers who have committed to building electrified powertrains, Tesla being the most prevalent.

For two years, data has shown that Europe has slowly but surely begun to adopt electric vehicles as its preferred mode of transport. However, until September 2021, electric vehicles were still lagging behind diesel vehicles, a long-time favorite of the European driver. Newly registered diesel engine shares plunged to just 13.4% of total vehicle registrations for September 2021. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, rose to their most successful month in Europe, accounting for 15.3%. % of new vehicle registrations for the month. Comparatively, electric vehicles in the United States only accounted for 2% of vehicle registrations in 2020, according to Fortune.

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Europe has been a hotspot for electric vehicles for several years. Even though it is only the first month that sustainable vehicles have outperformed their diesel counterparts, electric vehicles are becoming the mainstream in Europe. Norway, for example, is the world’s most concentrated electric vehicle country. Norway plans to completely phase out gasoline cars sometime in 2022, according to some projections. 77% of all new car registrations in Norway in September were electric, with an upward trend compared to previous months. In time, gasoline cars will be a thing of the past almost everywhere. It has been relatively agreed that Norway appears to be the first country to completely eliminate gasoline engines from its factories and off its roads.

The continued adoption of electric motors in Europe can be attributed to Tesla’s popularity in the region, according to the data. The Model 3 has been shipped from Gigafactory Shanghai in China to Europe since January, and Tesla recently expanded its Chinese export strategy to include the Model Y, which was not available in Europe until last month.

EU-VE tracks EV sales in eleven European countries, including Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Norway, France, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. Data of EU-VE shows that Tesla dominated all manufacturers in terms of EV sales, surpassing Volkswagen in second place by almost 11,000 units. Tesla sold 20,221 units in September, representing 27.9% of the EV market share. Volkswagen sold 9,386, or 12.9%. The Model 3 and Model Y dominated, with 12,691 and 7,528 deliveries, respectively.

More importantly, the trend of diesel vehicles disappearing from the roads and being replaced by electric vehicles is a great sign of things to come in Europe. Leading the charge with electrification, hopefully the adoption of electric vehicles in Europe will start to spread to other regions.

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Tesla helps catapult electric vehicle sales beyond diesel in Europe for the first time

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