5 cheap things to do in Ottawa on vacation

The holiday season is a time to give, but it can also be a time to spend. If you don’t budget for gifts in advance, you may end up maxing out your credit cards and paying them back long after the holidays are over. Not paying could even affect your credit score!

So a little planning and budgeting go a long way to avoiding overspending during the winter. Here are five inexpensive things to do in Ottawa to minimize overspending during the holiday season! There are many reasons to visit Ottawa in the winter, including its glittering national monuments, festivities, and delicious local food.

1. Discover the Omega Park

All animal enthusiasts should visit this natural and historical park, right in the middle of Canada, where you can see moose, elk, bison, wolves and bears in their original habitat.

The driving tour is the highlight of the vacation. To put it another way, you can tour the park in your own car. This way, you can see the animals up close and even offer them carrots from the comfort of your vehicle. The animals will eagerly search for a carrot, available in the local store.

In addition, there is the First Nation walking trail, which has 11 totem poles from different tribes and the “living village” of the Land of the Pioneers. Also, don’t forget about the famous Wolf Presentation, which gives visitors the opportunity to simply get up – up close and personal with one of the wolf packs.

2. Attend the Ottawa Interlude

Interested to see what a Canadian winter really looks like? This is why you should visit the Winterlude festival. It’s a three-week event in early February where you can meet the locals, eat delicious street food, admire impressive ice sculptures, and have fun with your friends and family while drinking craft beer and participating in unique outdoor activities. Plus, the Winterlude ice sculptures are a must-see in Ottawa; they are ethereal and impressive.

3. Hike in Gatineau Park

Take some time to take a walk in Gatineau Park. This beautiful park, which is only 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa, has more than 165 kilometers of trails, many of which are available year-round. For winter walks, 10 kilometers (6 miles) of trails are compacted once a week after the snow has accumulated. Plus, taking a walk on one of the many beautiful nature trails is completely free!

4. Enjoy the Christmas lights

To celebrate the holiday season, the federal government decorates trees and buildings in Ottawa and Gatineau with tens of thousands of twinkling lights. From December 8, 2021 to January 7, 2022, they will be on every night. Parliament Hill, Confederation Square, and Alexandra Bridge are some of the best places to see the lights.

5. Enjoy the food scene

Formerly known as a hub for food gathering for consumption and commerce, Ottawa’s restaurant scene has grown to include everything from small neighborhood eateries to fine dining establishments. If you are looking for the best Italian cuisine in town and you want to eat like a local, Via food it’s your place. With a wide variety of pizzas and pastas for around $ 15, this is the place to go if you want to try some great Italian food, which is still affordable. Also, be sure to pay with a credit card that offers the best rewards based on your current needs.

Take advantage of Ottawa’s winter wonderland by grabbing your winter gear and venturing outside. During this time of year, the city looks like something out of a Hallmark movie.

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