Bars and restaurants navigating the peak of COVID-19 on the busiest night of the year

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (WOOD) – With COVID-19 cases reaching high levels in western Michigan, bars and restaurants are working to hedge the risk as many people gather with friends and family the night before the Day. Thanksgiving.

It is often referred to as “the busiest pub night of the year” and companies wonder what the final volume of customers will be in 2021.

Chris Cutting, general manager of the downtown Peppino pizzeria and Sports Grille, says the company continues to take precautions by spacing tables, staggering seating and using extended sanitation techniques.

Last year it was takeout just the day before Thanksgiving. This year, Peppino’s continues to have a strong home delivery business, especially with some people not comfortable dining out.

“We are happy to be open and we are also happy to work hard to provide a great and safe experience for our guests so they can come in and just have a sense of peace,” Cutting said.

Stacey Wesorick, a regular customer, says she is comfortable dating this year and is being aware of the high cases.

“By coming here, I know it’s clean, I know it’s safe. They have a lot of space, ”Wesorick said. “We all hear about those things, the number is increasing, and the hospitals are at full capacity, over capacity, it’s always in the back of your head, about who is here, who is vaccinated, who he is not vaccinated. “

Chad Tuttle, senior vice president of hospital operations for Spectrum Health, reminds the community to be vigilant during the Thanksgiving break.

“It is the time when people like to get together, spend time with family and loved ones. We simply encourage people to be aware. COVID is real. COVID is here, the flu is here, ”Tuttle said.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving with friends or family, I already have a booster shot It will help reduce risk, but other precautions can also have an impact.

“We know the things that work to help prevent it: washing hands, wearing masks, social distancing. We know that vaccines work, vaccines are very effective. Also, we would encourage people before they get together, before choosing to go out and mingle with others, spend the holidays together, take a moment and assess their symptoms, “Tuttle said.


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