Learning Solutions 2022 Conference & Expo

Learning Solutions 2022 Conference

Join us April 20-22 in Orlando, FL for the Learning Solutions 2022 conference and expo – the training and development event for anyone looking to explore innovative solutions, emerging tools, and best practices that they can implement in their organizations right away . This publication was first published in the eLearning Industry.

Watch fun parodies of classic movie genres: film noir, spaghetti westerns, Scandinavian crime dramas, time travel movies and more

Watch fun parodies of classic movie genres film noir spaghetti

Comedian Alasdair Beckett-King has an ear for entertainment tropes and subscribes to the belief that “putting too much effort into things makes things more fun.” The result is a one-minute video series parodying the conventions of a particular genre or a full-length series, with flawless visuals, meta-dialogues, and styles of performance faithfully represented. Beckett-King put … Read more

Hash table in Python

Hash table in Python

Introduction to the Hash Table in Python The hash table in Python is used to store data through key-value pairs; it is implemented using the dictionary. A hash table is one of the data structures that stores data as a key-value pair. Each value has a unique key that is generated through a hash function, … Read more

Sort by Radix in Python

Radix Sort in Python

Introduction to Radix Sort in Python The sorting technique in which the elements of the given array to be sorted are grouped into individual digits based on place value, which is then sorted in ascending or descending order, is called Radix sorting in Python, whose time complexity is O ( nk) where n is the … Read more

PowerShell List

PowerShell list

Introduction to the PowerShell list The PowerShell list is a data type or data structure that is used to store a list of items. The size of the list is not fixed and can be changed at any time. The main advantage of the list over an array is that the list can contain elements … Read more



Introduction to Shapr3D Shapr3D is a product of Siemens and Parasolid those SOLIDWORKS disks. In Shapr3D, you can quickly prototype with a natural user interface and import any model directly to your desktop. With this software, you can take your products from concept to manufacturing unit with precise exports of 2D drawings, and due to … Read more

kubernetes service types

kubernetes service types

Introduction to Kubernetes service types A service in Kubernetes is a logical abstraction that helps us expose the application that is running on the pods or set of pods. If we want to use any service of the application, it is not necessary that we modify it, if the service is not familiar to us. … Read more

The great resignation was bound to happen

The Great Resignation Was Meant To Happen

People want to work, they don’t feel like they have to work Like many other things, humans love to romanticize important events, referring to them in dramatic ways. Adding the adjective “great” to something tends to get it right. And just as we idealized the Great Recession of 2008, we are now witnessing what people … Read more

Pytorch dataset

Dataset Pytorch

What is Dataset Pytorch? The Pytorch dataset is delivered using Pytorch tools that make data loading informal and expectant, making the program more understandable. Pytorch involves neural network programming that works with Pytorch’s Dataset and DataLoader classes. Basically, a data set can be defined as a collection of data that is organized in tabular form, … Read more

Stress-free ways to evaluate employee branding vendors

7 Stress-Free Ways To Evaluate Employee Branding Vendors

Stress-Free Ways to Qualify Employee Branding Vendors Today Many organizations think they want employees to eat, sleep and breathe their brand. Just think of how many cheesy onboarding videos you’ve had to watch. What these companies don’t realize is that brand oversaturation leads to staff burnout. Everything is a question of balance. More specifically, you … Read more