Prime Minister Narendra Modi will interact with startups today; to get presentations on six themes

The Prime Minister is expected to meet start-ups via video conferencing on Saturday. The meeting, which is scheduled for 10:30, will be another step on the part of the Narendra Modi government to promote the cause of the start-up ecosystem in the country and take its flagship program #StartupIndia ahead.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister is expected to receive presentations from the start-ups on six themes.

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“By catalyzing startup culture and building an inclusive ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in India, @startupindia is reaching new heights and giving wings to millions of hopes. # StartUps4NewIndia,” the tweet said.

The Prime Minister has also tweeted regarding this from his Twitter handle @narendramodi.

Looking forward to interacting with young people from the start-up world at 10:30. Through their innovative zeal, our start-up sector has delivered innovative solutions and transformed lives, especially in rural areas. India’s progress in the sector has had a global impact, the tweet said.

The Prime Minister has also tweeted regarding this from his Twitter handle @narendramodi.

In the video conference, representatives from the agricultural sector, business systems, space industry 4.0, security, fintech and the environment will speak to the Prime Minister.

The presentations will be about the following themes:

  1. Grows from the roots
  2. Nudging DNA
  3. From local to global
  4. The technology of the future
  5. Builders in manufacturing
  6. Sustainable Development

The government has created India’s largest online entrepreneurship platform, which allows startups to network, access free tools and resources and participate in programs and challenges.

The Startup India scheme was launched on 16 January 2016 as a clear call to the nation’s investors, entrepreneurs and thinkers to lead from the front in leading India’s sustainable economic growth and creating large – scale employment opportunities, the officail website says.


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