Ricky Rubio has a noble plan for his NBA career

Ricky Rubio has a noble plan for his NBA career
(Photo by Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)

Ricky Rubio had a resurgent season with the Cleveland Cavaliers before tearing his ACL.

It ended his campaign and has now set him up to be traded as he has an expiring deal.

But as his recovery goes well, Rubio should be back with another team in 2022.

He is 31 years old and made it clear that he has a lot left to offer.

So will he seek out a lucrative, multi-year deal?

It’s possible, but Rubio revealed his ultimate intentions in a recent interview.

“When my son starts school, the NBA will not be worth it.”

That was the courtesy of a Spanish-language interview with La Vanguardia.

Rubio’s son is two years old, which means he has three or four years left in the NBA.

Rubio has a retirement date in mind

This is easily one of the more noble reasons to withdraw from the NBA.

Rubio has a little son and does not want him to move all over when he first starts school.

The point guard has earned over $ 120 million in his career and is earning over $ 17 million with the Cavaliers this season.

Even a few million a year for the next few years contributes to a serious amount of generational wealth.

Rubio’s pension scheme is not even drastic, because he will be 35 or 36 years old anyway.

His plan is newsworthy because of his reasoning, as many players can go and go until their bodies can no longer cope with it.

The point guard’s focus is now shifting to getting healthy again and continuing his career next season.

His play with the Cavaliers was proof that he will not be forced to retire due to declining abilities at some point soon.

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