Suspected in Wisconsin Parade Crash required to be tried for murder

Today, a court commissioner ordered that Darrell Brooks Jr. is due to stand trial for killing six people and injuring several dozen when he drove an SUV through a Christmas parade in the suburbs last November. According to Labor News, prosecutors have provided ample evidence that Darrell is likely to have committed crimes. An amended criminal case includes 71 additional charges against him.

The charges include six counts of murder and several counts of reckless endangerment. If convicted, he risks mandatory life imprisonment if convicted of one count of murder. During today’s court hearing, reports show district attorney Susan Opper called a witness to the lineup. Police Detective Thomas Casey testified that he and other officers shouted at Darrell to stop as he drove the SUV through the parade.

The detective also described how Darrell drove the SUV and zig-zagged across the street for blocks, smashing into marchers from behind in the fatal incident and driving over them. He said Darrell injured 61 people, including the six people he killed. Darrell’s lawyer, Public Defender Anna Kees, spoke on his behalf, suggesting that her client was under the influence, noting that officers arresting him noticed that he smelled of marijuana and his eyes were red and glassy.

Anna also said her client could not turn off the parade route because the side streets were barricaded and surrounded by spectators. She noted that he explained to detectives that he did not intend to kill anyone and could not get himself to look as detectives showed him pictures of the massacre. Darrell is currently on his way back to court on Feb. 11 to appear in court, where he will enter into a complaint agreement. Darrell will remain behind bars on a $ 5 million cash bond.

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