PCR test

Why your COVID test results take so long

January 14, 2022 – As the Omicron variant is swept across the United States, which is now blamed for more than 98% of COVID-19 infections, the demand for testing in laboratories has risen sharply – especially as antigen testing in the home is few. Also … Read More

Vat nose, throat or both for COVID-19 quick tests?

January 11, 2022 – Many Americans are familiar with the rapid antigen tests for COVID-19, which involve sharpening the nose. However, some new evidence suggests that a saliva sample may increase the accuracy of the test. Experts agree on one thing: If you want to … Read More

The immune system can also be a tool for diagnosis

Tim Sweeney had only been a surgeon for a year, but he was already tired of a seemingly unsolvable and dangerous problem. Many patients who underwent major surgery or trauma seemed uncomfortable after, with fever and high heart rate. Many looked like they had a … Read More