Toilet paper heater is a unique Chinese luxury

[Handy Geng] live in Baoding, China, where average winter temperatures can be as low as -7.7 ° C (18.1 ° F). Instead of just freezing in the cold when using the bathroom, he decided he could do better. Thus arose his rather unique toilet paper heating system.

The building uses a gas burner that heats up a wok. Toilet paper is fed into the wok via motorized rollers saved from what appears to be an old counterfeit money detector. The wok is then shaken by another motor to heat the toilet paper more evenly inside. The burner can then be switched off and the wok lid opened to access the toasted toilet paper.

The system heats the toilet paper to a burning 75 ° C (167 ° F); a little too hot to comfortably touch, but luckily toilet paper does not have much thermal mass, so it cools down relatively quickly. Fortunately, it is also well below the 451 ° F auto-ignition temperature for paper.

It is a noisy, sounding machine that nevertheless provides the same warmth and comfort that you are probably more familiar with from the office copier. It is not [Handy Geng]’s first bathroom hack, either. Video after the break.

Thanks to [Adam Quantrill] for the tip!

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