Travel guitar hacked with digital FX setup

[Courcirc8] was a big fan of the ALP AD-80, where the travel guitar was a surprisingly competent instrument despite its collapsible form factor. However, the built-in headphone amplifier left something to be desired, so it was time to hack.

To achieve better audio output, [courcirc8] decided to buy an iRig HD 2 guitar interface, and installed it inside the body of the compact guitar. The original volume pot on the guitar was instead spliced ​​into the iRig circuit, and a switch plugged in to allow the guitar to emit pure tones to an amplifier or the digital audio output from the iRig instead. It’s a tight fit inside, but it all fits in pretty nicely when it’s done.

The result is a compact guitar that has a skilled digital FX platform built into the body; all you have to do is plug in a smartphone to access a wide range of software effects. It makes the guitar much more of a Swiss Army knife when playing on the road.

We have seen others before they installed guitar effects in the instrument itself; it remains perhaps one of the best ways a hacker can express himself with a completely individual instrument!

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